AmyCakes Honeycomb Stencil

AmyCakes Honeycomb Stencil

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Stencils can be used on cakes that are covered in sugarpaste (roll out icing) or if you prefer not to work straight onto the cake, cover a thin board in sugarpaste or cut out a plaque in mexican paste and leave to harden over night. If you are working straight onto your cake, leave the sugarpaste to dry for 24 hours first. 

Hold down the stencil and brush over with edible dusts or spray with the edible lustre spray. When using the spray, practice first off the cake on a piece of paper and don't forget to cover the remaining area of cake with greaseproof or clingfilm.

I love to use vegetable fat for my stencils, spread a small amount of the Vegetable Fat on the back of the stencil to help secure it in place. Then smudge vegetable fat over the stencil and dust your preferred lustre or blossom tint dust with a loose brush to apply colour. I use the Glide Brand of vegetable fat available here : 

Stencils can be cut with a scissors if required and flipped over to reverse the design.

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