Walking Dead Vegan Cupcakes

 Love this time of the year, I always go all out with costumes and dress up! Taking advantage to release my inner outrageousness (just discovered that is not a word), making myself completely unrecognisable and usually end up coming home after the night out with fake blood everywhere and random costume props and wake up the next morning with the bed destroyed with body paint!

If i didn't live in the middle of nowhere id host awesome Halloween parties, kinda like the ones they do in the US but i dont think adult Halloween parties are a big deal here in Ireland.

While brainstorming costume ideas i am also creating a few Halloween treats in the run up, so nothing better to start off with then Walking Dead theme cupcakes. Off course I will be incorporating my toppers as life is too short to cut out and dry flower paste...

This a the handiest and quickest chocolate cake/cupcake mix that I developed myself, being vegan the ingredients cost is super affordable and almost no perishables.

Now many think vegan means healthy/Gross, this will prove them very wrong. They are healthier than the normal cupcakes as animal products are taken out, but there still is gluten and sugar and its an incredibly delicious cake!

These quantities make about 18 cupcake and a handy tip to stop the cases from peeling is leave them cool in the tray, then pop in your cupcake box.



375ml Oat Milk (or Almond)

1 Tsp Apple Cider Vinegar

100g Granulated Sugar

118ml Vegtable Oil

1 Tsp Vanilla

140g Plain Flour

80g Cocoa Powder

1 Tsp Baking Soda

Pinch of Salt

100ml Coffee


500g Vegan Butter (High Fat)(I use Stork)

150g Icing Sugar

80g Cocoa Powder

Oreo for decoration



-Pre-Heat oven to 180 degrees

-Add milk and Apple Cider Vinegar to bowl and stir

-Add all other sponge ingredients and mix

-Pour batter to fill cases 60% and bake for 15-20mins

-Make buttercream by mixing all ingredients.

-When cupcakes have cooled pipe buttercream.

-Decorate Cupcakes with oreo crumble and Halloween Sprinkles 

-Insert Walking Dead Cupcake Arms

 Store these yummies in the fridge, they stay fresh for ages or release your inner Devil and consume straight away...