Hello Autumn by Emilys Cakes Bespoke Design

My style is all about elegance and trends, I love coming up with something unique and the taller the cake the better.
I specialize in Wedding and Elegant celebration cakes and have always struggled creating beautiful lettering to compliment my style.
Thankfully my sister Amy came up with this unique idea and product to create fabulous lettering without cutting or tracing, I'm using Sweet Stamp on every cake possible now. Super quick and effective!
And now that we are in Autumn my style will move to warm, earthy colours with rustic decorations and flowers, so making these little fir cones are a super cute addition.
-Edible Print by Sugarsisters.ie
-Faye Cahill Dust in Regency Gold
-Funcakes edible Glue 
-Rejuvinator spirit
-White Petal Dust
-Ice&Easy Sugar Paste
-Funcakes modelling paste
-Funcakes Flower paste
-Bulbous Tool
-Large Paint brush
-small sharp scissors
-Small paint Brushes #1, #000
- various flower & leaf cutters 
All supplies from www.amycakes.online & www.sugarsisters.ie
1. Remove you letter's from your sweet stamp tray and spell out your word. Don't worry about having to use the same letter twice, simply leave a space and you can individually emboss later.
2.Peel the film from your sticky pad and position the letters in accordance to the pad. The pad is 4" high so you can guage what to apply the letters to then apply to your cake.
3.Press down firmly and your letters will stick to the pad, they will appear in reverse. Now you're ready to emboss onto a freshly iced cake.
4. Lean the sticky pad against a flat counter surface for stability while holding the cake with a smoother, then gently move the pad around the cake embossing the letters. The lighter the impression, the easier it is to paint.
5. Now you can see the words coming together, to fill in the missing letters just hand emboss them into the gaps you left.
6. Now to paint. You can use a ready made paint or mix rejuvinator spirit with your favorite edible dust, mine is the Faye Cahill brand from Sugar Sisters.
7. Using the thinner brushes paint every letter in. If you make a mistake use the rejuvinator with a clean brush to remove.
Let dry and it's as easy as that.
8. For the cute fircones colour modelling paste with a warm brown gel paste and create this curvy cone shape.
9. Using a sharp scissors simply cut the icing starting from the bottom.
10. To give the softer edges just chop off the spike from each cut. 
11. Once all your cutting is done soften and move them to make them look more realistic. It's always good to have a picture of a real fircone when doing this.
12. Add finishing touches by dusting white to the tips.
13. Now you are ready to put it all together.
For this design I used a ready made sugar print that I glued onto sugar paste on the bottom tier.
The top tier is Sugar Paste painted with the gold dust mix I painted the letters in using a large brush and the beautiful Garland is supplied by AmyCakes which I decorated it in rustic autumn foilage, flowers and wires.